I’ve made terrible purchases since living alone. I should’ve avoided non-stick cookware from the beginning. I bought a non-stick wok which I used for everything (what a terrible mistake that was) and it just failed to do a proper job at anything as expected. Non-stick coating quickly wore off and seasoning it was a nightmare, not to mention unsafe. Then I bought a non-stick pan which was fine for a while, until I made the mistake of leaving it empty on stove that was on medium for 30 minutes. It had what looked like melted non-stick coating marks all over, which I tried to clean with salt WITHOUT OIL. I rubbed too hard with the salt DRY which got most of the stains off, but I think it completely ruined the pan (which I suspect was already ruined).

Then I bought a stainless steel pan, larger one for stir-fry and general purpose. First attempts at frying egg ended up in terrible mess with egg sticking everywhere. Then I tried seasoning it with veggie oil at high heat and I had almost the non-stick -like pan without all the teflon. Seasoning is pretty delicate thing — I am still learning how to make a good seasoning. I will probably trash the non-stick wok and pan I bought since they’re not only terrible at their jobs but also dangerous in my health because of the residues that go into the food. I learned that adding stir-fry sauce and simmering is not that great for the seasoning. Subsequent cooking of egg on the stainless steel pan was not that great. I don’t know if this is because of acidic properties of soy sauce or my scrubbing was too hard with hot water.

However, I like stir-frying and it seems like the pan can’t do both. I might just get another stainless steel pan for frying eggs :/.


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